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Haugesund International Relief Print Festival

Well one of my prints has gone off to Norway where it will be showing in this exhibition from 10th May to 4th August. Here’s what they say:

The Haugesund International Festival of Relief Printing (The HIT Festival)  will be opened Friday 10th May at 1900 hours. This is a comprehensive relief print exhibition with contributors from all over the world. During the weekend there will be awards for the three best pieces of art, a gala in Haugesund Museum of Fine Arts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

‘We wish you most sincerely welcome to an exciting weekend, filled with exhibitions and activities for children and adults alike.

The HIT festival is a joint event between Haugalandmuseene (the Haugaland museums) and Haugesund Municipality and will take place in Haugesund Billedgalleri May 10th to August 4th.’

Find out more here